Why is self love so important ?

One of the most important reasons why self love is so important is that it not only eliminates thoughts, feelings and actions stemming from a place of lack such as judgment, blame, doubt, etc., but it gives us a sense of fulfillment with love, kindness, generosity, happiness and so much more.

Self love helps us choose to act from abundance and helps us serve our purpose with more ease and love, of course.

Why do we need to prioritize it?

Because by feeding ourselves the love, appreciation, kindness, empathy, etc. we are able to recognize it easily in others which helps us better understand ourselves better and take charge of our own lives while recognizing where we stand in the lives of others.

The top purpose of self love is to honour our values and boundaries at the highest levels and see ourselves and others through the eyes of love.

In today’s coaching session, you’ll learn some essential tips on how prioritize self love to help you live a happier and more fulfilled life.

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