Why are our friendships so important to us?

Why do we need our friends and best friends in our lives?

Simply because we all need to feel loved, connected and understood through the ups and downs of our lives and our friends fulfill this very important need.

In different stages of our lives, we pick our friends based on seeing parts of ourselves in them (and vice versa).

Jim Rohn said it best:

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

And that’s why our friendships are so important to us. They’re extensions of who we are.

So what happens when you witness one of your friends lose track of happiness and you feel helpless in supporting them to stand back up?

What if your help is rejected and not even sought out?

What do you do then?

Do you walk away from someone so important to you?

Of course NOT!

In today’s coaching session, you’ll learn 4 effective solutions to help your friend in pain, heal and stand back up.

No time is like NOW!

Let’s get started:

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