Have you ever been in a relationship wondering if you’ve made the best choice and if the person you’re with is the “right” one?

And if you’re single, wondering if the next person you choose as a partner would be the “right” one?

We all go through the same thought process but the outcome for each of us turns different based on the values and beliefs we have of ourselves at the time of choosing our partners.

Life choices are not guaranteed but using effective tools in taking calculated risks, will definitely steer us more in the right direction instead of being pushed and pulled by the circumstances.

My amazing and wonderful mother, who’s in the most loving relationship with my father for many years, always told me: “Choose! Don’t be chosen!”

I thought I knew what she meant until a few years ago and now I know what she really meant by that advice and I’d like to share these insights with you from a coaching perspective.

In today’s video, you’ll learn simple solutions to help you figure out whether you are in the right relationship or not, and how to choose the right partner, if you don’t have one yet.

Let’s get to our session now:

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