It’s a tough world out there!

It’s tougher when you’re constantly being judged and weighed up and down by others.

And it’s even toughest when you’re self judging and self blaming, day in and day out.

Did you know that people who are  judgemental of others are actually most judgemental of themselves?

Yup! Hard to believe (NOT) but it’s true.

When we don’t like something about another person and we judge them, it’s definitely time to point toward ourselves, instead of pointing outwards with the “blame” and “shame” finger.

It’s so much easier to judge others for their actions and choices than to look inside and see your our own faults.

As complicated and painful as it may sound, it’s actually easier than you think and the sense of freedom, calm and relief that take over you, once you dare to look in, are worth every second of it.

So today, I’m offering you 4 simple tips to help make the process of overcoming judgement much easier.

Let’s get started:

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