It’s hard as it is to keep our stress levels low while going through just another “ordinary” day.

We juggle chores, project, appointments, meetings, etc. all in one day while doing our best to get it all done and still make the best of our day.

Eating healthy meals, going to the gym, attending yoga classes, riding bikes, running, meditating and practicing breathing exercises (when we remember!) are just a few things we try to fit in between to keep our sanity intact and our stress hormones at a normal level!

So what happens when our “regular” days turn upside down when we “pick up more than we can chew”?

How can we stay sane, productive, focused and organized when we have no choice but to go through with it all and get it all done?

In today’s coaching video, I provide you with 4 simple tips that can help you bring your stress level down, get things done in a timely manner and stay sane. đŸ˜€

Let’s not keep you waiting and get started:

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