You’ve tried everything…

And it still doesn’t work!

No diet, no meditation, positive thinking, etc.

Nothing works!

You not only can’t seem to lose the weight but you’re still on the path of overeating and just can’t stop!

Even when you moved to a new city and country (or something like that!), you were hoping that the new beginings will set you off on your new path.

Nope! That didn’t work either.

The problem is emotionally deeper than fixing it with a diet or moving to a new location.

BUT it’s not a problem that cannot be solved and I’m sure “EVERYTHING” wasn’t tried before.

In this episode of Tan Fan Q&A, I will describe the root of emotional eating and how it can be defeated so that you gain control over your mental, physical and emotional problems with better understanding of them.

Learn the game, win the battle!

Let’s not wait any longer!

Here we go:

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