Oh Love!

Sweet sweet careless love!

So you’ve fallen in love and want to spent most of your time with your partner and share enjoy each other’s company as much as possible.

But your partner is not “emotionally available”!

TRANSLATION: Non-committal

You heart is already attached and so is your every thought and emotion in your body.

You do everything you can to make your “love” see how great you are and how much love you have to give to make it the best ever relationship… but nothing works.

You’re in love with a “non-committal” person!

What do you do?

The better question is: How do you free yourself from pain and receive the love you deserve?

There’s only one thing you CAN do.

Give every ounce of love and compassion you’ve been pouring into another, back into YOU.

That’s when you’ll understand what true love really means.

Here’s how:

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