I had a pretty amazing weekend! 😀

On a different note, I crossed paths with a few different souls who were all sharing the same challenge amongst them: stressed and depressed.

Maybe it was because of the Full Moon’s side-effects or maybe because their expectations of themselves were so high and life delivered more than they can handle, but they were all having a hard time emotionally adjusting to it all.

Sounds familiar?

Give or take, this was the question:

“How do I deal with the overwhelming events that has driven me to depression and feeling hopeless?”

While I  was searching through the “Tan Fan” questions, I came across one that was screaming at me “Pick me, pick me”!

So I did.

The common ground between being overwhelmed, stressed and depressed emotions, is that they happen to all of us.

The not-so-common ground is that not everyone knows how to overcome them in the shortest amount of time by just changing their state of mind.

Here are a few simple tips to help you first understand where depression comes from and then how to knock it down on it’s dirty feet! 😀

Please leave your comments and answers in the comment boxes under the questions. Remember, you can help others as someone in need may be reading them and can benefit from your words. Thank you for being part of the progress.