The only problem that does not have a solution is death.

When it takes our loved ones away from us, we wait for time to heal our pain.

Besides being there for those in pain, all we usually can do is to pray for patience and time for them.

What if time does cannot heal the open wound?

What if days, weeks, months and years go by and you still find yourself aching in pain?

Is it ever possible that the pain disappears and you’re left with just beautiful memories and a powerful legacy to carry on?

Death does not have a solution but pain does.

In this week’s video blog, thanks to a loyal Tan Fan’s question, I discuss how you can bring yourself to a pain free state to fulfill the purpose you’re meant to deliver in honor of the departed.

Please pay it forward to those whom you know that are carrying such pain.

Please leave your comments and answers in the comment boxes under the questions. Remember, you can help others as someone in need may be reading them and can benefit from your words. Thank you for being part of the progress.