Here we are already in the second week of live Q & A on TanFan Thursday! Yaaay!

It’s been quite a week so far.

I ran the BMO half marathon this past Sunday in the worst weather conditions EVER! As if the 21.5 kilometers wasn’t crazy enough, the rainstorm made it that much more challenging!

However, because of that extra pound of challenge and some other obstacles I had along the way (massive pain kicking in my left hip from a recent car accident!), getting to the finish line was that much more sweeter and memorable.

Today we review the topic of “perfection” which most people struggle to achieve in many areas of their lives.

If I were to wait for perfect weather conditions, and perfect physical performance, and perfect many other things, I would have never ran or finished the race at 2:05:51. 😀

I had my mind set on a much higher goal. My focus was NOT on the bumps on the road but my achievements and reaching my emotional high at the finish line.

In today’s video, I give some tips to all “perfectionists” to unload the heavy weight of unacheivable goals in order to be able to live a fulfilled and happier life:

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