I’m working on a new project these days but some days more than others, it has become harder and harder for me to push through to the other side.

It’s not the project itself. It’s actually my fear of “might or might not” that makes it so damn hard to move forward.

I know what it is. I’m very well aware it.

Back in December with Tony Robbins at Date with Destiny, I identified my top two fears. The first one, I’ve overcome like a piece of cake since then but this one has become a thorn on my side!

Not for much longer!


It shall evaporate into thin air with my magic wand! 😀

That big bad beast of mine is called “Fear of Failure”.

So to pave the road I asked myself this fun and empowering question:

“If you had a magic wand to make one of your fears disappear, what would it be?” And how would that change your life?”

tanfan_qa_2 (4)

All I have to do is imagine myself on the other side of this fear by bringing that emotion and feeling back into my body and reminding myself of the times I overcame similar fears, I get myself back in that state.

As I always tell friends and clients: “You know what it’s like on this side. You can always come back here. Isn’t it time to get to the OTHER side and see what it really has to offer you?”

I’m prepared. I’ve not only set up jumping in with two feet, but I have committed myself to other similar projects ahead of time so once I take the first step I will keep on moving in that direction till there is no such thing as “fear of failure” in my vocabulary.

You have to lock it in your body, mind and emotion by repetition till it becomes part of you.


The life that I have designed for myself will be fully mine, one step at a time.

Your turn now! 😀

Please leave your comments and answers in the comment boxes under the questions. Remember, you can help others as someone in need may be reading them and can benefit from your words.

Thank you for being part of the progress.