Let me begin by wishing you an amazing Persian New Year (Norouz) and welcoming the arrival of Spring. 😀

It’s here. That chance: the second chance, the third, fourth or fifth…

It’s here to let you start over, start again, or just give you new energy to keep going and continue on what you started a while back.

A new season such as Spring does that for you.

Spring brings fresh hope after a long, cold, and damp winter. You’ve done an amazing job paving the days and weeks and months on frozen cold grounds but now it’s time to stretch out and allow your bones, skin and insides to warm up.

Iranians, along with a few other nations, celebrate the coming of Spring as their New Year.

Upon my return from the winter travels, after getting over the jet lag, I went through a period of confusion, imbalance, and lack of motivation (yes ME too!). This was the result of so much emotional adjustment visiting the motherland and my siblings then leaving them all behind and later on readjusting back to my life here.

When imbalance happens, the absolute best thing you can possibly do for yourself is to be honest and say: “It’s a natural process and I need to let all emotions go through me and take my time to feel it all because it will help me bounce back faster”.

The more you fight it the more it lingers around.

It was tough. I definitely will not sugarcoat that part! What kept me going however, was knowing that beautiful Spring is on its way and I can redo, reset, reenergize once again.

I had to change a few things I had set up to achieve by May like running a marathon!! I trained up to 16K the day before I got on the plane and did my best to train on a treadmill in Iran, but didn’t run in Dubai nor in London.

However, upon my return with the jet lag and my mixed up state, I knew I had to be realistic and honest with myself. I did not want to give up on the run so I changed it to the half marathon instead.

If, for some reason you haven’t or may not be able to achieve your goals, don’t give up. All you have to do is take smaller bites.

I’m a bit disappointed but when you can’t have it all, you gotta learn to compromise.

I’ll be running two half-races again this Spring and Summer and my trainings have already started. There’s always another chance for the marathon.

Give another go at the resolutions you “forgot” to fit in or the ones you have not gotten around to yet.

C’mon! I know you got it in you to stand back up.

There’s still time and Spring just arrived and handed you the gift of that second chance you thought you may never have again! (Wink Wink!).

The best part is that lady nature is reassuring you that you can always find a reason to get back up and pick up where you left off.

She does. 😀

Happy Spring, New Year and as Persians say: “Eid e Shoma Mobarak!”

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