Before any trip, I set an intention to it as to what I’d like to be open to learn, give, teach, etc. My intention before this one was to coach as many people, whom may need my help, as I possibly can. Of course, these were my compliments to those who crossed paths with me during my journey.

I served over 19 people in Tehran in 3.5 weeks and it fulfilled me with pure happiness and joy. I was where I needed to be.

I’ve just returned from a month and half trip to Tehran, Dubai and London. Besides amazing memories, I have brought back many breakthroughs, life lessons and much more.

Let’s get to them, shall we?


While laying in bed jet lagged, in my own room in the house I grew up and left behind 25 years ago, I realized that before I left this room and this house for Canada, I had no other world to compare them to and this used to be my only world, which I lived in pure and absolute bliss.

Question for you: Would decisions be easier if you didn’t have so many options? Would life be sweeter if you had to make the best of any situation handed to you without any other choices? And finally, when did the “all or nothing” attitude take over the simpler things?

Many people I’ve been meeting from anywhere in the world, believe grass is always greener on the other side and therefore never have a full appreciation and gratefulness for what IS.

I asked myself the above questions and my answer to myself was: I will be grateful and present wherever I am, knowing it will only lead me to pure happiness.

Gratefulness doesn’t stem from being happy. It’s the other way around. I promise you. 😀


During the first week of my stay, while everyone was fast asleep, I walked around our house with such sadness thinking about all I had missed out on over the past 25 years, only to realize my years were preserved in all the sculptures by my father (he’s an internationally acclaimed sculptor) over these years. They calmed me. The family spirit is what counts, no matter where you live.

The sculptures made home “familiar” again, even though nothing else seemed that way at the time. Most importantly, my gorgeous and generous sister, Tandees, who is now the heart of our home in Iran made my stay as comfortable and happy for me as possible. She over delivered. Thank you my angel sissy.

Question: What defines “home” for you? What are the key elements for you to call a house, a home?

One of my most precious and memorable nights was when one night Tandees and I decided to stay in and watch a musical movie. We had some fun “sing-along” moments and in a matter of seconds we were back in our childhood memories again. Just like that you can return to age of innocence. It’s at your fingertips.

And last but not least, the kind and hospitable friends in Tehran whom paths I crossed and those who crossed mine: Thank you.

With many restrictions upon them, the motivated, the talented, the creative have turned their surroundings into a land of possibilities. If you ever want to witness raw motivation and inspiration, travel to that region.




I was overwhelmed by the amount of interest and curiosity of many in what I do for a living. It was overpowering at times seeing the thirst and hunger for learning more, being more, doing more, and much much much more. Their drive was very clear in their actions by showing up every time and keeping my up to date (and still do) while thanking me by throwing parties in my honor every night! I never thought I’d say this but I was partied out for a while!!! 😛

This is a two way street: Their determination and drive has given me a new kind of energy to push further and go way farther.

This journey has just begun.



After 6.5 years of being apart from my brother and sister, seeing one or the other over the years here in Vancouver, we finally managed to be in one city, on the other side, after such a long time. It was PURE HEAVEN.

My amazing brother, Bardia, went over and beyond being the most gracious host in showing us the city along with very dear friends. The highlight of that trip was when the three of us would Skype mom and dad in Vancouver, seeing the joy in their eyes watching our happiness on the screen.




We had another sing along night in my bro’s car! Coming to think of it, “sing alongs” have been a major part of our family traditions! 😀

Saying goodbye was tough. But I’ve turned the “goodbye”s into “see you later”s! I have a plan. Oh yes I do. (Oh! Oh!) 😀



I arrived with no luggage! Oh yeah! I only had 2 hours to buy some clothing and shoes and get to the Grand Opening night of Art 14 in London where a big piece of dad’s sculpture was displayed as the featuring artwork.

Thanks to my very dear friend and saviour, Pasha, who knows the ins and outs of the shopping district, not only I shopped for a beautiful dress and shoes, I had a world of fun doing it! What else can a girl ask for? 😀

Needles to say we had an amazing time at the event and every day after that. I’m very thankful to all the beautiful people in my life.




My luggage arrived 20 minutes before I left for the airport bound for Vancouver! LOL! At least they arrived!

Question: How many times have you made the very best of a tough or challenging situation by letting go and enjoyed every second of it?

I know this a long blog but that’s the very short version of my trip and my learnings. As the weeks go by I will share more of my breakthroughs and new experiences.

I’ve been meaning to take this trip for a very long time. Now this circle is complete.

I’m well on my way to my new journey.

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