Upon my return from Date with Destiny, just around the corner where Christmas was rolling in, surprises were waiting for me and a set of new adventures began.

It was not the kind of surprise or adventure one seeks. In fact, it was quite the opposite.

Such surprises require decisions as to swim, to stay afloat, or to sink? A test on what you are really made of.

I came back with the highest level of energy and joy from my trip, then got sick with fever for a few days, which throughout I still managed to keep my “Tony High”, and then came the news – one after another.

Within two days, I got news of my dear friend’s father passing and on the following day the news of my own aunt as well!

It was supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year”!!!

But life does not happen that way.

There is a reason behind everything. I strongly believe that. The timing for me was right (I didn’t realize that at the time of the news, of course). I came back with loads of positive energy within me only to channel the love and support to my mom and to my friend while still saving some up some for myself, for now and some for later.

Gotta be filled up to be able to give. Right?

Now here’s the BIG question:

Did I lose sight of my set goals because I hit such deep lows?


When you set your goals based on your most important values, your energy becomes your drive and motivation to get there, no matter what the circumstances along the way.

Remember when I mentioned: “All fears aside, opening up the energy channels full on and walking right ahead fearless, one powerful step in front of another.” in my previous blog? Well who knew my “test” would happen so soon?

You might think it’s easy to say that when all in life is good and happy but I’m also saying it when things did not go as “planned”. No excuses.

Such incidents do not happen to throw you off your path. They are not detours but lessons and tests along the way to see how determined you are in reaching your goals.

For so many, their life changing decisions happen when they’re sitting at the very bottom. Think about it.

I’m going to ask you again: How set are your goals?

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