Just like Ricky Martin says it: “Do you really want it”?!

I’m talking about the “Cup of Life” song here for those of you who haven’t listened to it in a while. Put the song on and let’s start shaking it baby!

Allez Allez Allez!

While you’re doing that I’m going to give you a few tips on how to stay motivated to reach your 2014 goals and the ones farther beyond this year.

Don’t stop dancing while you’re reading this!

Ok. Let’s see…

You started the New Year with a list of goals and kicked them off with a new found energy, drive and plan.

Two weeks have gone by and your motivation may be slipping and sliding back and forth a bit and you’re not sure how to keep it going in full force again. Afterall you still have the rest of January, February and some parts of March to look forward to! 😛

Well that’s why I’m jumping in here to help you pump that “muscle” to keep the ball rolling when the going gets tough. Think of me as your trainer in the “mental motivation gym”.

Are you ready? I can’t hear you!



Ok good. Let’s begin.

Let’s face it, in winter you wake up when it’s dark and cold and you go to bed when it’s dark and cold!

But as I see the positive in anything and everything, it only means the reward is sweeter when the challenge is tougher. This is only a test of your will and determination in reaching your goals.


That’s what winters are for, right? To see what you’re really made of and how much juice you got in you to make it happen. Whether your goal is getting in shape, starting a new business or project, change of lifestyle, etc. you are being tested.

So let’s Ace the test together!

The good thing about tests are that you can prepare for them, work hard, learn the lessons and own the experience and the results. Shortly, it all becomes a habit and a part of you.

When you see the first sign of results, that’s when you know it’s happening: your goals are becoming a reality. If not right away, you will see them in due time so be patient with yourself.

The tips below will help you make a habit out of your motivation towards your goals. Remember it takes only 21 days to turn a new challenge into a habit:

    1. Use your imagination: It’s one of the most powerful things in your body – your imagination. Just like I played Ricky Martin’s song and you probably saw yourself doing something crazy like playing soccer for the World Cup!, you can use it to work the habit muscle and make it stronger. Find your song, start your imagination engines and get pumped to pick up where you left off.


    1. Give it a meaning: Your end goals need planned steps to climb. Those steps are your list of to dos. Each step must have a purpose to get you one step closer to your goals. Remind yourself of those daily. “Why am I doing this?”, “Who am I doing this for?”, “What else can I do to get better at this?”, are good questions to start with to get your answers. Sticky notes on your fridge, mirror, tv, etc. are a good way to remind yourself of those purposes.


    1. Use your hands and fingers: Write your goals down daily to achieve them. At the end of the day write down what you have accomplished. It’s ok if you do not get to accomplish all your goals on some days here or there. Life has curves and it’s not straight line. Give yourself that leeway and get back on track the next day or the following one. But DO get back on track.


    1. Partner up or Sign up: A little extra help can always come handy. We all need a little help and support when the going gets tough. Coupling up with a friend or coworker, signing up for classes, group activities or seminars etc. will push you out of your comfort zone which you may not want but you will need. Also be sure to reward yourself, not with cookies or bing shopping!, but for the good work you have done. Booking a vacation in the near future can also help you get extra motivated to reach and grab your goals.


  1. Keep your eye on the ball: When you mentally prepare yourself to overcome the challenges along the way, your focus will be on your goals and NOT on your problems no matter how many surprises life throws your way. Again, when they arrive, use your imagination to see yourself living your dream goal and those big problems will become your little humps on the road.

One more for the road:

Here’s a great article on how the challenges make you successful in reaching your goals: http://read.bi/19sMs85

Turn your motivation into your habits.

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