I was on the phone with my dad the other night and he began telling me about a childhood memory I had long forgotten. It was the sweetest memory and right after I hung up the wheels in my head started turning and the subject for this week’s blog was born.

I was 3 and my sister, Tandees, was 4 years old. Dad used to drive us to pre-kindergarten/kindergarten on his way to university, where he taught sculpting and arts. On the way to school, as soon as we were buckled in, he would begin telling us the continuation of a story from the previous day and the days before that. He made the stories up as he went along and included all kinds of mystery, adventure, fun, laughter, love, etc. on a daily basis. We could not wait to hear the rest of the story the next morning on our drive. Sometimes I did not want to get out of the car to go to school to hear more of it! But there was always something exciting to look forward to for the “tomorrows” to come.

This very good question was asked of me and it fits perfectly with my “story” theme. Here it is, as I’m sure many of you have the same question:

“At times, life throws so much at you that you feel that ENOUGH is ENOUGH. The question is: How can we, at times like these, change our perspective/affective state to be able to cope with situation at hand that we’ll come out of it strong and proud?”

There are events that happen around us on many occasions, which create excitement such as birthdays, concerts, weddings, vacations and traveling, etc. We plan and anticipate them to a certain extent but until the event we cannot foresee what happens and that adds the extra commotion we’ve been yearning for in various corners of our lives.

However there are times when you are in an “enough is enough” stage and there are no events to be found! What do you do then?

For such occasions, I search for my stories on a very regular, or better yet, stressful days on my way to grab a cup of coffee, on my way to see clients, at the grocery store, on the way to the movies, on the drive to a party, etc. You see… it’s on my way there that I look for more stories. Unfortunately these days, on the way to any place, most people are talking/playing on their phones and planning and thinking of something for later.  They are missing the stories in between.

It’s the breathing time for your mind to recharge and put you back on the positive and fun.

Besides the “in between” ones, I also plan and organize little chores for my tomorrows way ahead of time. Sometimes I forget they are there until I look at my calendar and “Oh look, I have a massage tomorrow!” YAAAY!

You gotta leave the doors open for the unfinished chapters of the stories, just the way my dad used to keep us hanging till the next day! 😀

Your stories help you change your perspective; change your state to breathe in between. You don’t have to complete them. Take what you need for today and leave room for the next chapter for your tomorrows.

There is always something to go back to… right?

Happy Halloween Everyone! Stay safe and easy on the candies! 😀

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