“How beautiful maleness is, if it finds its right expression.” ~ D.H. Lawrence

This is the definition of gentleman on the Online Dictionary: “A well-mannered and considerate man with high standards of proper behaviour”.

I’m dedicating this blog to all the gentlemen out there who follow my posts, signed up for the newsletters, seek a helping hand in their emails, and share their vulnerabilities in the comment boxes under the blogs week after week. Not to mention those who see me on the street and say it with a BIG smile: “I read your blogs and really enjoy them, keep’em coming”. Thank you for all that by the way.

What are the definitions of a gentleman in your world? Women relate differently to the word than men do. There are some common socially accepted grounds of course such as: holding the door for the ladies, being polite, caring for children, respecting his mother and other women, having table manners, yare, yare, yara!

And then there are these definitions (frankly, I think they are stupid!): real men don’t cry, always stay strong, never show’s his soft side, etc. God knows who came up with these ones!

I think of it this way: the word gentleman derives from two words: gentle + man. Let’s start with the word ‘man’ and then I’ll get to the ‘gentle’ part, shall we?

Man: Role model for his own family and community, protector, stays true to his words, treats women with respect, and the list goes on and on. You get the picture!

Gentle: As for this word, when put it right before the word ‘man’ it takes a whole new spin! Right ladies? Here we go: honest, true to emotions, considerate of others, polite, not afraid to show his vulnerable side, etc. Interestingly, it has a lot more to do with HIS emotions than just the word ‘man’. Hmmm!

I am more than pleasantly surprised by the number of gentlemen stepping forward about their emotions and discussing their issues at hand however way possible. Way to go sirs!

Guys, many women have a hard time being vulnerable these days about their deepest fears and emotions. When you step forward like this you set a new standard for so many other men and women to follow.

Vulnerability only brings people closer together due to its indication of trusting another with something fragile and very personal. A gentleman who opens up about his emotions takes a very high stance on the scale of respect, confidence, honesty, etc. than a man who’s been told to hide it, shut it and close it down.

Gentlemen, thank you again.

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