Let’s talk about the summer that just passed. Well almost passed! Let’s get ready for fall. Yeah, let’s!

As you all know, I’ve been talking repetitively over and over again on how busy my summer has been – one thing happening after another! If you’ve been hanging out with me, you’ve also been hearing a lot of: “I feel like I haven’t done much this summer!” Huh?? “For real, Tandar?!” is also what I’ve been hearing back! 😀

Ok let’s get started shall we: (The list below is excluded of working, blogging, retaining new clients, up keeping with the old ones, running, biking, coffees/teas, lunches/dinners, etc. – the usual stuff!)

  • Fiji (Mastery graduation) and Hawaii (one week of pure fun)
  • One amazing week with sister and our mini-trip to Seattle
  • Giving lots of extra love to mom, naturally, during her rehabilitation from her knee surgery. She is a real trooper. Now I know where my bravery comes from.
  • Prepare and run for first half marathon (Scotiabank)
  • Restructuring entire business from proprietorship (Axis 2 Suxess) to corporation (Tandar Tanavoli Results International, Inc.): meetings with lawyer, accountant, financial advisor, banks, and etc. all summer loooooong. Done, done and done!
  • Spend QUALITY time with brother, uncle, best friends and family friends visiting Vancouver
  • Neekoo Philanthropic Society meetings – I’m on the Board of Directors (check it out: http://www.neekoo.org)
  • The Grouse Grind
  • Cleansing in preparation for 2nd half marathon
  • SeaWheeze (my 2nd half marathon)… Loved it!
  • Portland trip
  • New York, New York! (I’ll still be in New York while you’re reading this, which means my next blog is SUPER DUPER EXCITING! So much to tell you)
  • And then some and some more!

Okay! So why do I feel like I haven’t done much with my summer?

After much thought, I now know why. Because of my work overload to my ideal goals, I overloaded the playtime to balance them all out. As result I didn’t fully play out my routine “summertime”. The ideal summer for me has always been a leveled balance of work and play and REST. Though this summer it all took a whole a new meaning so I needed the time to adjust to it. Yes. Instead of being sad about it, I’m actually very happy. My “Massive Action” summer has left me fully satisfied and even more charged up.

Think about this: Are we “programmed” to live our lives based on our past habits? Imagine if most of your summers, winters, springs and falls are scheduled pretty much the same way, then, can one season throw you off balance if you’re not prepared? YES, of course!

That’s probably why most adults have the “back-to-school” syndrome when fall hits every year. As kids we had summer fun and fall introduced new beginnings. So why not throw it off instead of the other way around and kick the syndrome to the curb?

Here is the golden “back to school” essay question: “How did you spend your summer-time?” 😀

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