This was the song playing in my head over and over again while I was packing for New York only a week and a half ago. I’m back now and been catching up with what I left behind and more.

For the last few days I’ve been thinking about what I learned and brought back with me  to share from my magical trip that would be beneficial to you. Life was in the super extra fast lane there! For all six nights of my stay, I mostly managed four hours of sleep per night!


Asia Society banner outside the building

“The Poet & The Beloved King” – Parviz Tanavoli

Dad & I in front of Asia Society

I flew in with my father who is a world-renowned sculptor, Parviz Tanavoli, for the opening of an exhibition at the Asia Society called “Iran Modern”: he was one of the main stars of the show. 😀 The exhibition entails displays of many Iranian artists from the 60’s and 70’s whom formed the modern art movement which began during that period.

Besides being the proudest and most honored daughter, I met so many other amazing artists, collectors, contributors, etc. whom mostly have been friends of our family for many years.


With dad, Mana Mobargha (Friend & collector)

With Shirin Neshat (Artist)

But one of the most amazing moments was when I walked in the exhibition on opening night for the first time and saw my father’s work upfront, on the walls and some displayed on the floor. There they were: memories of my childhood. Every single one of them brought back a different memory that cannot be replaced with anything. I wanted to stand there alone and stare at each one and take my time just immersing myself in my memories (I did that on our last day in the Big Apple! Dad and I went back and we took as much time as we needed taking it all in, our way).

People were coming in one after another and discussing those of my dad’s along with all the other works. I was so interested to see what they say about them and what their views were of all the shapes and sizes forming these arts. Along the way, walking more into the exhibition I ran into the artists whom were also a big part of my childhood memories. It was such a nostalgic evening for me.


With dad, Mrs. & Mr. Mohsen Namjoo (Singer)

Park Avenue

With Mana, Dad, Ghassem Hajizadeh (Artist)

I didn’t want to leave them there: the artwork or the people. I wanted to recreate or revisit those amazing sweet childhood memories at least one more time.

Have you ever felt that way? Something amazing yet subtle and gentle that was part of your past which you have somehow forgotten, reappears back in your life and makes you smile all over again. That’s Nostalgia. Believe me, it’s hard to let go of it once you get a chance to have it back! I can’t stop thinking about them.

Ok, let’s say you had your nostalgic flash too (which I’m sure you all do), now what? How can you make a change and make it matter?

My advice: become that memory for others or a just a few specific few or even for one person. Be a good memory.

Artworks can tell you stories. Not just about themselves but about you too. It’s worth the journey of life.

Form “artistic” memories: for yourself and others.


Exhibition opening night

The MET from view of the Apartment

Mana & I mucking around!

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