Not literally but what I’m about to tell you is pretty close though.

Most men and women, being single, in a relationship, married, and whatever other statuses are out there, guard-up to protect themselves about who they truly are when they sense judgment and repetition of their past pains. Ouch!

Most people hide their vulnerabilities in order to satisfy the need of feeling “complete” and happy by another rather than their own. Isn’t that way too big of a demand and responsibility to ask of someone who just walked in your life to deliver, especially if they are not getting to know the REAL you? Still, most people do it.

On the other hand, we have the media and statistics fogging up our judgments and tampering with our languages. Lately, there’s been a major buzz in Vancouver about its women and the online dating scene: the single women, according to, are now labeled as being the “pickiest” in all of Canada (that’s besides being ranked #6 for being the prettiest in the world. THANK GOD!).

The meaning associated to words can be interpreted very differently amongst individuals. A word doesn’t need to have a negative connotation just because the media says so but when everyone begins using it in the same negative sense it has no other choice! The meaning of  ”picky” to me is a “confident”, “determined”, “single-minded”, “strong-willed”, “decisive”, or “tenacious” individual, man or woman. Aren’t these the characteristics we look for in another anyways? Neither men nor women should be labeled just because they are making personal choices. After all, they know best who best compliments and fits their lives. I don’t know about you but I’ll be happy if a “picky” person chooses me! 


What other words can you think of when you are judging someone whom just rejected you as they didn’t see you the right fit? I’ve been called “high-maintenance” many times and my reply is always: “Are you maintaining all this for me to know the amount?”, of course with a smile. I know I’m being labeled because I’m not responding the “right” way as I’ve done or said something to remind them of some painful experiences! Let’s just accept that rejection is not always such a bad thing. It can lead us to something or someone more suitable. No judging, no labels, and no extra baggage required.


Here’s the naked part of me: I am single and proud of being a very happy one at it. I have mastered the art of enjoying life to its fullest, appreciating my gifts and abilities and embracing my love for giving and sharing it with others and so much more. Like many other hopeful singles I also am in search of finding the love of my life to share my happiness with, BUT, yes it’s a big one, I have not stopped living my ultimate happy life or think of myself as “incomplete” because I’m not at that stage, yet. I am where I need to be.

Vulnerability in my book means to put myself out there without the fear of judgment, criticism, or being hurt. I’d rather live an honest and truthful life rather than hide behind excuses. I embrace every second of my vulnerable moments. People care more and give more when you’re vulnerable.

I invite every single one of you who reads this blog to share at least one of your vulnerabilities here without the fear of being judged.

Let’s get naked! 


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