I’m on a cleanse as I’m writing this. It’s been 3 days so far and I have one more day to go. That 1 day feels like a whole week by itself! WHEN CAN I EAT ALREADY?!

Yes I’m on a juice only cleanse, the one I learned of in Fiji. I can have 3 juices a day and lots of water and couple of other things but no solids. Why? I’m preparing my body for the upcoming half Marathon on August 10, 2013. One week to go. Oh boy! I’m cleaning house. It will help my body perform better as I’ve been feeling a bit sluggish lately although my friends raise their eyebrows in shock when I say that! LOL! But I know I can do better.

It’s a tough one as any temptation under the sun has thrown itself in front of my face. You name it: Mom’s amazing meals, cookies and chocolates, my favorite restaurants all over, BBQs, meetings with food (I pretend I’m not staring), smell of coffee, T.V. commercials, etc. This did not happen in Fiji and I was not the only one doing it; so much easier there!

To top it off no one there kept telling me “What are you doing? You better eat something and stop doing this to yourself!”. Again, very different from Fiji; we held each other accountable to the finish line.

Believe me as I’m writing you this, my brain is nothing but fog and mush! Day 3 is my crazy day but I decided, cleanse or no cleanse, you’re getting a blog and a newsletter from me on time. šŸ˜€

But hey, isn’t that what a real challenge is all about: Going against the easy, toughing it out to come out victorious on the other side for what you want? You’ve seen it before or you’ve pictured it in your mind and you want just that and even better. Nothing else compares.

Look back! How many times have you set your mind to start something great, but when the going got tough, you gave yourself a million excuses why it wouldn’t work, procrastinated and then gave up. It was too tough, too scary, too risky, too complicated, etc. I know because I have done that in the past and gave up on some really great projects, but not anymore.

When I put my mind to it, no matter how tough the game gets, I still move forward and get it done. It’s scary, it’s dark and sometimes I can’t see the end of it (like today!), it’s freaking tough but when it’s completed, your achievements raise your expectations of yourself and make you the proudest and happiest person, and set you apart from the average.

How do I do it? Here are a few simple steps to give you a general idea:

– Set your goals: having a “half marathon” ready body

– Plan your steps towards your goal in detail and prepare: four day cleanse = grocery shopping for the proper fruits and veggies for juicing, etc.

– Focus on the tough things you’ve set your mind to and achieved in the past (that’s your motivation): I’ve done cleanses before so I’m aware of the highs and the lows but there are always surprises such as getting super hungry with all the food smells surrounding me – like right now! During such times, I focus on beyond of what is and on what will be; my performance at the run.

– Take note of your accomplishments day by day and give yourself a small reward for what you cross off your list: I booked a massage for my hardest day (today)! Hee Hee! šŸ˜€

– Ā Embrace your fears (don’t run away from them) like making a phone call or seeing someone you don’t want to see but have to do it to move your goal forward: Peeling myself off the couch, instead of watching TV, to write the blog instead of going to watch the fireworks or to the Jay-Z/JT concert; I was offered a ticket. If that’s not temptation to it’s max I don’t know what is?!

– Be grateful for things you do HAVE and CAN do: I’m very grateful for my health and the ability to improve it even better and teach it to others.

– Challenge yourself! You already know the results of quitting. Let’s try the new stuff. You have all you need to make it happen – YOU: Knowing and reminding myself it won’t always be this tough and change will come. More importantly, that I am the one in control.

There you go. Start what you’ve been putting off for a long time or never started. Today is the day. Set up your goals and plans and take the first step. If it weren’t tough in the beginning and during, it wouldn’t be so sweet at the end.

Once you read the blogs and the newsletters pleaseĀ leave your comments and questions in the comment boxes under the blogs. I will be reading and responding to every single one of them personally. Ā Remember, your questions and comments will help others as you never know who else is reading them and can benefit from your words. Thank you for being part of the progress.