I’m not talking about the lactic acid pain after running the SeaWheeze half marathon this last weekend. Its build up wasn’t too bad actually, only when I was going down the stairs! Alkalizing your body before and right after really helps (write me if you’re interested to learn more). I beat my own time by 11 minutes and finished at 2:03. YAY!

Before I begin with this weeks’ blog I’d love to share some of this past weekend’s great moments of Team “Boro Vassat!” – translation: “Get in There!”

Starting from top left to bottom right:

– Dinner cooked by Chef Tan the night before the run: quinoa spaghetti with pesto sauce (from scratch), mushrooms, etc. and salad.

– Dream Team “Boro Vassat” (Mobz, myself & Sahar Jaaaan) on package pickup day

– A turkey and myself!

– Team Boro Vassat’s victorious moments – No further explanation needed. 😀

Team Boro Vassat
End of it All
End 2
Boro Vassat Team!

(Photo credits to Sahar Hosseini & Pretty Linda Gallo)

We had a BLAST and stood on top of the world before, during and mostly after the run but the subject of today’s blog is PAIN! It has nothing to do with my amazing weekend but during the week I had many calls, interactions, discussions with people who are suffering from some sort of emotional pain caused by another. They all had one thing in common: someone else was making them feel miserable! Someone else was in control of their moods, feelings, and sadly, their destiny. So here it is:

The pain I’m describing today is a very different kind. It’s a silent pain that reappears once in awhile just to remind you it’s still there and it hasn’t forgotten about you. The same pain you put a Band-Aid on a while back and hoped that it would heal on its own, then either you or someone else come along and pick at the scabs and suddenly the wound is open again. Can you believe it? Enough already! Why does this always happens to you? This is emotional pain.

Physical pain, generally, heals. Scars are left here and there but with time, you forget they are there. They become yet another story to tell around the dinner table, to a friend, to sympathize with another wounded person, etc.

Emotional pain, only heals if you become consciously aware of it and work through it. But if you sweep it under the rug, fight it, run away from it and just let time go by and “move on”, it will pop it’s head back in as soon as you touch your scab or even worse, someone else does.

If you really want to remove that Band-Aid once and for all and heal the wound for good, let it breathe. Don’t cover it. It’s ok to be vulnerable. I know that is scary to be exposed but it’s a good fear as this one has a good ending. You never know who comes to your rescue when you’re exposed. The “natural” thing to do these days is having your guards up. Do just the opposite. And remember those who hurt you are in pain too, otherwise they would not pick at your wounds. Their guards can be way higher than yours and neither of you see each other.

You might say what if I open up and get hurt again? Yes there is that chance but it’s waaaaay better than chronically suffer in pain and hide behind your fears for more years to come. Take that chance!

Reveal your soft and vulnerable sides and let your wounds breathe and heal for good.

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