Good question my friends. I’ve been asked this question many times: “Where do you get all this energy and motivation from?” and many other different versions of it. To put it simply, I believe in the power of our energies, using them for each other (not against), promoting our greater sense of being, appreciating our co-existence, and helping each other grow on a daily basis.

For my own educational purposes and research, I recently sent out an email to a group of over 100 people who know me well asking them to describe me in 3 words only. The top three words used were: energetic, inspirational, and passionate.

Try this exercise! You’ll be surprised by other people’s view of you and the energy you exuberate to them.

I’m going to share with you most of what I do to keep myself and you, for that matter, motivated:

–  Focus on all the blessings for things you DO have rather than the things you DON’T (that’s gratitude by the way). Everything comes from energy: thoughts, emotions, actions, etc. Give it and you’ll always get it back. Be sure to stay on the positive side and be generous.

– Practice being a good listener because when you listen carefully, you’re giving your full attention to another. They will be grateful and therefore you will, too, be energized.

– Maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you’re not healthy, you will not be able to give and receive at your full potential. Note that there are some slippery days for everyone but you can always get back up just by remembering the FEELING when you were at your best. Bring it back into your body.

– List your daily, monthly, six months and yearly goals and make them visible for you to see everyday (even if you don’t read the whole thing). Make sure you check off the ones you complete and celebrate your success for each and every one.

– Look outside yourself for sources of inspiration and motivation. You can motivate yourself for so long but if you have other aspirations as books, seminars, successful people (in your eyes), etc., you’ll definitely step up.

– Be sure to finish a project you start, whatever it may be. Finish it completely, even if it is super challenging and takes a few sleepless nights. Do it with fun and ease. No stress required. Once you complete a challenge you regain all your confidence and drive. I love what, coincidentally, both Tony Robbins and my dad  say (two very successful, driven and passionate people I know and admire): “I’ll sleep when I’m dead!” 😀 Now that’s passion!

– Fill up your emotional energy with happy thoughts as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. Not guilt, regret, stress, depression, etc. There are people with minimal earthly possessions who live the happiest of lives. What do they look forward to in the morning? Start your day being grateful for your breathing and livelihood first and foremost then add a few more things as you get out of bed.

– Find your passions. They are your drive to happiness and success.  If you have yours down, emphasize and remind yourselves of them. If you don’t know what they are or you’re not quite sure, find out. (That’s what coaches do by the way. We  help you find them).

–  Make up your mind and be decisive. Stop dwelling if your decisions are right or wrong! Stick to your gut feeling and start your project(s). They give you a sense of meaning and accomplishment.

Group Motivation

– Find a peer/friend/co-worker/etc. to keep each other in state and motivated. Better yet set up a group of three or four people, whom are high achievers as yourself and want more out of life and hold each other accountable on a daily basis to get the tasks done on your lists (mentioned above).

– And when the negative hits you, as ups and downs always go hand in hand, all you have to remember is to climb the hills knowing it’s yet another test of your strength and slide down the alleys with joy, laughter, appreciation and most importantly celebration. This quote describes it best:

“Life is like photography. You need the negatives to develop.” – Unknown

Motivation leads to progress, progress leads to growth, growth leads to success, success leads to happiness. Get motivated. You are so worth living every second of these beautiful days to their fullest.

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