“Traveling in the company of those we love is home in motion.” ~ Leigh Hunt

I’ve been swimming in the deep waters of love all my life. Whether I’ve been immersed in it by my own family and friends or been invited in another’s world, I feel very lucky.

Here comes the big question: Is it really luck or is it a choice to see and feel it all? A child recognizes love but as adults many choose not to identify it as such and call others “the lucky ones”.

I’m sure you’ve figured this out by now: I’m an optimistic person! It’s not about how the world really is, but about how I see the world and mine is a hopeful one filled with love.

Oh where do I begin now? I’ll throw in a few great moments and will embellish more next week when I wrap up summer and get you ready for fall! Oooooh! I actually am looking forward to it. Plan ahead and you’ll feel like I do… looking forward.

My brother, three of my best friends, my sweeeeeeet uncle and a few other amazing people paid us a visit in the last few weeks. Yeap, it’s been busy but a very good busy; surrounded-by-love kinda busy. I’ve been receiving and giving so much attention and affection while making even more beautiful memories.

Maryam and I

To squeeze a bit more out of life, I went to Portland this past weekend to take a road trip with my best friend and her entire family to a beach house along the Oregon coast. They can form a whole village by themselves: ages ranging from 1-month-old all the way to 84 years old! 😀 I’ve known this bunch for over 34 years and they are my extended family.


I had the most amazing time. I participated in all of the fun activities (except the fishing part!) and, at times, just sat still observing their interactions with one another as an outsider: so beautiful and filled with affection and oneness.

The key is to focus on the things you DO have when looking outside of your own rather than focusing on what you DON’T have. Most importantly, if you don’t feel “lucky” do not compare. You have to first and foremost recognize and appreciate the love in your own environment and fill yourself up to the happiness level by focusing in the right direction and then you’ll appreciate what others do have and share. That’s when you know you are not only lucky but you made it happen for you.

Your positive focus leads you to peace and gratitude. On the other hand, jealousy, envy, regret, depression, etc. all stems from people focusing on the things they do not have instead of being thankful for what they are already blessed with today.

You do not need to compare as no two persons or families are the same but you can learn from another one’s love and take that lesson home with you, wherever that may be, and add to what you already have.

Let’s fine tune those focuses! How lucky do you feel now?

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