I had the best day today. I ran a 6K or so with my handsome brother, Bardia (Our photo from 4 years ago. We’ll take new ones soon).

Tan Bar

He arrived from Dubai last night. I hadn’t seen him for a year and the best way to start our first day together after such a long time was to go for a run. Kudos to him for running such distance without stopping after travelling for 24 hours with very little sleep and all jet lagged. We just ran and ran, and then ran some more! Then we got ready, went out, had lunch and hung out for a few hours: shopping, walking, meeting up with mom and friends, and then finally, after taking my sweet time, I left to sit down to write this for you in the evening, my dear. That was it! That was my very best day. Bet you thought there was a ‘page-turner’ in there somewhere! 😀

You know what made my day oh so very special? I took a big risk today. Not a textbook kind of risk but one that I stepped out knowing I had to do different but instead chose to spend my day as I just explained. Wouldn’t you do the same?

I was supposed to have my blog and newsletter ready yesterday (Tuesday), but all my hours were filled up and most importantly I wanted to pick him up from the airport too. So I decided to write them today (Wednesday) taking the risk as the blogs and newsletters usually take at least 4 – 5 hours to prepare and then come the editing and more for posting on Thursdays. What you’re reading right now is the result of my last minute change of direction today, choosing to spend my day with my hot brozy (my nickname for him). I’d also like to announce that todays’ derailing will most likely take a huge chunk of my night into the wee hours but it was so worth it.

I recently read an article in the Psychology Today magazine that the secret of happiness of happy people is not seeking rewards but taking risks and stepping outside of your comfort zone, living on the edge. Doing things that cause discomfort even as little as picking an item on the menu you have never tried before rather than the same old burger and fries which increases the levels of your psychological peaks. Walking on fire, jumping off a 60 ft. pole, running half marathons, etc., is all great but investing in smaller risky actions, not only puts you in the “happy” category, it gets you stuck in it!

You will have this blog ready for reading tomorrow. What’s different now is your awareness of the risks taken behind it. I know it won’t be as perfect as my day but the most important point is that I wrote it with a smile. Who needs sleep anyways?!

Get stuck in your moments and get happy! 😀

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