Have you ever gotten yourself into a situation which, at the time it seemed like a great fun idea, but when the time arrives you think: “What was I thinking”?!

1:2 marathon

Well, that happens to me all the time! I love taking on projects and activities I’ve never done before and challenge myself. I am also very open to the idea that I might not be successful at some of them but that’s how I learn and don’t judge the activities unless I have tried them. I do have limits for these toughies though. For example I will not jump off a plane, or a bridge or hike Mt. Everest! I measure pushing my limits one step in front of the other and further than the last. I have ran a few 10Ks in the last few years so I thought signing up for not one, but two half marathons during summer wouldn’t hurt (OUCH!). Oh but it does, especially the day after. I stretched, iced, bathed in Epsom salt, started a cleanse, alkalized and then some. As a result the second day the symptoms were all gone but the feelings of growth, achievement and contribution lasted and will stay forever.

Growth is the name of the game here.

I believe that if you challenge yourself for anything and do not appreciate the minutes and seconds that run through the journey, it doesn’t count. If you don’t step outside of yourself and notice the beautiful moments happening around you during the challenge, it doesn’t count. And finally, it doesn’t count if your purpose is just to finish the challenge. You have to see the purpose beyond yourself and take note. That’s when growth happens.

I experienced and learned many meaningful and unforgettable lessons during this half marathon. I’ll share a few with you:

– Feeling oneness and unity with 4851 other runners

– Being part of helping 71 various charities just by committing to challenge myself

– Witnessing the lady next to me, in her 60s, running and pushing a wheelchair with a teenage boy sitting in it. On the back of her T-shirt it read something along the lines of: Finding Cure For MS.

– Noticing a couple in their 90s running alongside one another, with the biggest smiles, cheering each other on and enjoying their time. Life was definitely running through their veins.

– Being grateful to all the amazing volunteers who woke up super early on Sunday morning just to help us get it done.

– Overlooking the amazing views running from UBC to Stanley Park and sending prayers and energy to those I love and feeling grateful.

– Ignoring numb toes, blisters, pain and cramp in legs, etc. by thinking about the Olympian woman who won the bronze in winter 2010 with broken ribs: Talk of the Games, thinking if she did that, then this is very possible.

– And the list goes on…

Your footprints only would be ever lasting if you’ve learned and grown from your challenge.

I included a video here for you guys. Part of it is from the official marathon footage and part filmed by my dear sweet friend, Sara, who got up early in the morning to cheer me on. I edited this myself and added music. Now that was a challenge! 😀 I finished at 2:14:17. Those 17 seconds count too!

Pay attention to the right corner of the screen, I’m wearing a purple top and my yellow Date with Destiny bandana (for motivation) on my left arm. Use the above photo as a guide!. 😀

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