I decided to do a 3 day, “drive-through”, detox last week as I was over-exhausted but definitely NOT malnourished!

You know when your car needs the good ol’ maintenance, at least once a year? Well, humans do too.

I was mainly “juicing” with my oh so fabulous Vitamix eating only raw vegetables and nuts, herbal teas and took my vitamins and minerals (the essential ones). That’s it! I made it all up. 😀

On day 2 my mind was foggy and blurry! And I passed right out in the afternoon for nearly 2.5 hours! Yeap. It hit me hard.

On a side note, you’re not supposed to do a sweat-breaking workout during the detox and let your body do its self-cleaning with no adrenaline interruptions.

Moving on to Day 3: I was back to being energetic and pumping it up again just like pre-exhaustion time.

Ok, on to my main point:

The purpose of a detox is to release the toxins from your body and re-energize you (not to lose weight, starve yourself, etc.). Do it only to restart your engine to a new YOU.

You have to take the old negative items out in order to make room for the positive great possibilities and openings. Cleaning the same old space over and over again and constantly bringing in new items it will just clutter it up eventually; it’s only a matter of time before you may crash into overload.

Hmmm! “Something tells me you’re not just talking about a physical detox anymore, Tandar!” Of course not!

Think about it.

What do you need to completely detox out of your life, no matter how hard, to make room for the brand new shiny things?

What areas of your life need a deep cleanse? Health? Relationship? Love? Career? Family?

Remember, you’re not alone and someone else can always benefit from your story.

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