I know I have… and boy was it something else! I just didn’t prioritized like a normal person. I prioritized “Tandinator” style! I boycotted socializing Thursday afternoon through Monday and dedicated it to full immersion studying for two programs I’m taking simultaneously. I actually didn’t plan to take both at the same time cause Lord knows I am already in super overtime and overflow-blow mode (just made that up!) and there are not enough hours in the day for me. I wish we had 34 hours in a day! 🙂

One of my programs – Marie Forleo’s B-School – I knew the start date but the other program – Build a Book Bootcamp – was scheduled later for the same dates. I love both my programs and there is no way I will compromise either of the two. I knew I had to compromise something, as I had fallen behind on my home works due to work and many other things. So my Thursday to Monday had to take the big beating! I studied 8 – 9 hours a day nonstop and for the rest of it exercise, eat, meet with my beautiful web designer (I’m upgrading, baby), return some calls, emails, texts, etc.  I feel like a superhero as I also made time to see a great friend of mine who was visiting the city for a few days and I didn’t want to miss seeing him.

The hardest part: Murphy’s Law kicking in full force! Offers kept coming in for both Friday and Saturday night: Invites to dinner parties, events, concert tickets, movies, etc. Hmmm! I’m just going to leave it at that otherwise this blog will take a different turn.

There were some great reminders and learnings from my total immersion days:

– I LOVE my work and learning new things always gets me hyped up and even more energetic. I had to calm myself down around 2:00 am to get some sleep.

– I felt so much lighter and happier as the hours were passing by gently. I am so ready for weeks ahead. Bring’em on!

– I am even more aware of my present moments than before. My mind has stopped wondering about what I need to get done.

– I did NOT procrastinate! Just went straight to it… CRAZZZZZY, I KNOWWWW!

– By going to the same coffee shop, I met some really nice people and I also ran into some I hadn’t seen in a while.

– I found a little extra time to write you this blog too. Bonus! 🙂

Spring is arriving on March 20th,Wednesday morning at 4:01:56 am. YAAAAAY! Are you ready? Have you prioritized?

Would love to read your comments and experiences on prioritization. Please keep’em coming as it gives me more insight on what more of you’d like to read about here.

Happy Nowrouz! (Persian New Year). May this be an amazing new beginning for all of you.