Which is it going to be?

Flowers, chocolates, love notes, and special dinners for one day (good ol’ Valentine’s) OR receiving love on a daily basis showing up in the form of words, hugs, holding hands, spending time doing whatever, etc. all year around?

I know what your answers may be, you greedy little buggers!

“I want it ALL!”, you say.

Of course you do. I can hear it loud and clear. That’s actually a great mindset asking for all the love.

I applaud you.


One more question:

How much love do you give yourself on a daily basis or on Valentines, for that matter? The amount of love you EXPECT from another, how much of that do you give yourself?

Again, I’m sure you already know this:

Love is about you first; loving yourself first then giving it without expecting anything back  – organic or commercial. Hmmmm!

I’m gonna give you something else to ponder on.

You: “Enough already TANDAR, you’re killing us here!” LOL! 😛

How do you give love to yourself on a daily basis ? What does the word “love” mean to you?

I’ll go first.

But I’d love to hear your definitions of love in your world too so speak up in the comment boxes after you read this.

Loving in my world means:

– Being kind and forgiving to myself especially when I make mistakes (don’t have to be or make everything perfect)

– Keeping my body healthy and happy (all the great nutrition and exercise)

– Helping others keep and stay healthy and happy

– Smiling at others (especially at the ones with serious faces who don’t smile back! Try it.)

– Share my learnings with others and pass it on (people never forget)

– Staying in my present moments no matter what I have on my plate to take care of later on

– Appreciating my surroundings and what others do for me

– Treating myself with utmost respect and understanding (having something to compare it with on how others treat me)

– Being grateful

And it goes on and on and on and on …

Now it’s your turn.


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