About a month ago, I walked into the Chapters bookstore on Robson street to browse around. I had an hour block before my next client session. As I was walking by the stationary and the cards, I saw this postcard. I just stood there staring at her. I felt her. She reminded me of me and how I was feeling. The card was empty. I bought it and decided to write a letter to myself and mail it to myself! Crazy, huh? Yes, I am. Hold on! This gets better. But you have to wait till the end of the story…

Before arriving at Date with Destiny, Anthony Robbins’ 6 day seminar (2,200 people, 67 countries, 16 -18 hour days!), I thought endlessly about my intentions and what I wanted to gain and let go from this process: Get to my next level, better yet, to my Ultimate level. I wanted to reclaim all of my feminine energy, reach my potential and get to the deep end of my own core. I had already had done so much work and the last 5% of it (just like those last 5 lbs!) was still sitting in the unknown. I had no doubt Tony was the one who could help me solve this mystery.

Needless to say I had “multiple breakthroughs” (per Master Tony!).  I will try to present and explain my top ones in this blog for you. As many of you have been waiting for this one based on your calls, emails, texts, what’sapps, BBMs, etc., (pressure, pressure!), I hope it will be satisfactory for now and I will do my best to paint a vivid picture. My Journey has just begun…

The beauty of human beings is to give without expectation and utmost vulnerability. Going in, my intention was to learn how to fully reach that level of giving: absolute freedom.

I learned that the purpose of my life is to acknowledge the love within me, enjoy it and share it with others. It was strongly reconfirmed through one of the last exercises Tony assigned to us on the 5th day. Closing our eyes, he took us back to our earliest childhood memories, step by step, all the way to the present day. When we were done, we were to write our experiences in our journals, and share it with our “buddies” right after. (We were buddied up in the beginning of the week and I had the best buddy EVER!). Once I finished writing, I sat in daze and awe. My mind was blown away! I couldn’t believe it. I had my ULTIMATE purpose right there on paper. It was not 5% of me, it was the whole 100% of me. When we got up to share, I looked at my buddy, as my tears were flowing down my face, I said: “I don’t have one bad memory from any part of my childhood, teenage or any time of my life from my home and parents! I was born in LOVE, been given unlimited LOVE, and I am here to deliver. I am here to give it to those who have experienced only part of it and to those who have never had the chance at all. I am here to deliver“. I couldn’t stop crying: tears of ultimate joy. It was one of the most amazing moments of my life!

Here’s my second biggest breakthrough, which happened earlier in the week. As I mentioned before, I was there to claim my full femininity. I was asked: “Why? You are one of the most feminine women we have ever met!” but I knew that over the past 3 – 4 years I had “stored and invested” some extra masculine energy to help run my business, take care of all my responsibilities, and mostly used to protect myself from pain! Many women can relate to what I’m saying here, right ladies? All that extra stuff was throwing me off balance and at times at, with a snap of a finger, I would go to my then “home” emotion: anger. For some, this emotion can be sadness, depression, frustration, etc. I would even get angrier for not being able to figure out why I got angry in the first place! I’ve always been known as the “happy and smiley” one and this anger needed to disappear. The masculine mask needed to come off for good.

Tony led us to a few exercises based on masculinity and femininity, one of which was that we (the women only) were to get up and dance while getting in touch with our utmost feminine energy. Then, we also had to switch to our “dark side” while still dancing, revealing both sides of our nature by putting our bare selves out there for the men to see: both the white and the black. It was about our trust, our vulnerability and ultimately overcoming our fears.

Later on he asked the men to stand up right after he showed a clip from the movie “Braveheart”. He then yelled out: “Freeeedooooomm”! That’s when all the men went into an uproar, responding: “Yeeeeaaaah!” with fists up in the air, chests forward and standing tall and strong. He kept repeating it and men kept responding back just the same but stronger and louder every time. This kept going on for what seemed like a good 2o minutes and the room was becoming more and more alive with every minute passing. The men were claiming their masculinity at its highest power and we were melting right into it, feeling protected, and at the same time, rising to our utmost feminine state. At the end, we stood up and clapped and cheered for all the free men who made us feel that way. One of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had the pleasure of feeling. Women are definitely most vulnerable and beautiful at their feminine state and men are most masculine when free. You just had to be there!

Through yet another exercise, (there were so many and I cannot put all my breakthroughs and experiences here otherwise my blog will turn into a book!!!), we had to choose a new nickname for ourselves based on the new values we had claimed. I chose “Flower”. It was the first word that came to my head. My friends are already having a ball with this!

Now, I’m going to take you back to the beginning of this blog and the reason why I told that story. The last thing we were to do on the last hour of the last day was to write a letter to ourselves and they (AR crew) were to mail it to us. After I wrote my letter, I felt like I am standing on top of the world and free. Right then, an image came to my mind. It was my card: The flowery feminine girl!

By the way, the best way to claim your femininity is to be surrounded by amazing, generous, happy and, of course, masculine men. Here is my Power Team. Thank you gentlemen! 😀

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Happy Holidays and a Joyous Season to you all! See you in 2013!