Well, pretty much, in the meantime! Why? Because mid-month I’m going to the Tony Robbins event in San Jose and so the BIG JUICY blog will be coming up in August! That’s why!

Here is a light one for July:

A lot of changes are happening: people coming and going, energies switching around and about, some open up and others closing down. I’m not quite sure what is about to happen but all this movement is keeping me still. In fact, it is making me more relaxed in my surroundings without any pressure to step up.

I decided that the last couple of weeks were to be my “maintenance” weeks! Booked all my specialists: dentist, muscu-skeletal doc, knee specialist, masseuse (2 hrs, YEAH!), hairstylist, etc. to make sure all is in tune and I’m ready to embrace the sun with wide open arms. Seriously, what was all that rain about??? No amount of sauna, fireplace, or daydreaming about sunny beaches was helping me towards the end! I must admit, the skies delivered beautifully. At some point I was wondering: “all that maintenance for nothing!” Ok enough talk about the weather!!


One of the BEST places on earth for me is when I spend time with my little gorgeous angels, Wilfred and Paris. (See photos). It’s funny I say earth cause when I’m spending time with them I’m in HEAVEN! Playing hockey, massive amounts of squeezing and kissing, end of the night bathing, reading bedtime books, and then more kissing and squeezing are what my time with my cuties entail. Of course, as multitasking women, Tara (mommy & “Tan Tan”‘s BFF) manage to cover all topics in those few hours. 🙂

What else?? Hmmm! Oh! My bestie had her surgery and she is in full speed recovery. We both can’t wait to go see Tony in a couple of weeks. Although we won’t get to see much of each other! LOL! (Long story, not spilling… YET!).

I picked up a very interesting book, as per the recommendation of yet another best friend, and got HOOKED badly! Damn thing just won’t end so I can get back to my normal life!! LOL! I’m stuck in “Fifty Shades” of sleeplessness! 🙂

An interesting incident happened today. I was running up the stairs of Cambie Bridge (one of my routes) and along the way there was a lady walking up very slowly and patiently with an old beagle. The poor little thing was just exhausted and sat still on one of stairs not willing to take another step and she was begging him to get up and keep going. I went around them while I was skipping and hopping up the stairs to the rhythm of the music. When I got to the top I stopped for a few seconds to change the song on my iPod. I looked down the stairs and saw them at the bottom of the last set of stairs. She was smiling at me and the dog was staring at me waiting for my reaction. I took my headset off and  said: “Come on baby, come to me, you can do it”. He charged up the stairs, giving it everything he got! While I was petting him she said: “You know when you passed us by, he got up to follow you”. I let out a big laugh and pet him harder and replied: “You know, I’m a motivational coach, so that might have something to do with it”! LOL! We were having a good giggle and he was impatiently awaiting his reward: a yummy cookie treat!

Have an amazing sunny and warm July everyone. I know I will! 😀