How many times do you hear people talk about gratitude that it often sounds like a broken record?

Go on! It’s ok to raise your hand because I certainly feel that way!

Now, let me ask you another question, how many times have you said you were “thankful” for something but really never gave it a second thought. Almost like we know we SHOULD be thankful for it so we just say we are?

Be honest!

Alright, well today I want us put aside what we “think” we know about gratitude because the truth is if you don’t really FEEL gratitude, it doesn’t exist.

Yup! Gratitude is a FEELING… Lets remember that!

Do you want to know a secret? Gratitude has been known to play a MAJOR factor on three things that could come useful to you and by useful I mean VERY important to you!

Improves Physical Health and Regulates Emotions: Research has shown that GRATITUDE decreases stress and anxiety, which ultimately restores energy and reduces toxicity in the body. 

By reducing toxicity in the body, emotional stability increases, which in normal terms means if you PHYSICALLY feel better, you EMOTIONALLY will feel better. 

Builds/Sustains HEALTHY Relationships: Now we discussed how gratitude greatly affects our emotional and physical health, well, what we often forget is that how we FEEL physically and emotionally dictate the types of people we have around us! Seriously! I mean if you are feeling good and completely energized are you going to want to hang out with “Miss Debbie Downer?” … Probably not right? 

What about our intimate relationships? If you were to start to completely VALUE yourself (PS: Value comes from gratitude) do you think you’d ever be with someone who DIDN’T value you?


Now the other side to this is in order to SUSTAIN the good relationships we currently have in our lives we must be thankful for them. 

The ones we love have a right to know how much they are appreciated but sometimes we overlook that because we take their existence for granted at times. Not that we purposely do that but it happens right? 


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icing gratitude will dramatically affect your relationships positively!

Gratitude allows you to live in ABUNDANCE: A quote I always say is this, “It doesn’t matter how little you have, you can ALWAYS live in abundance.”

I’ve witnessed so many people who have had VERY little possessions, but their attitude toward life was so wealthy. 

I’ve witnessed so many people who have ALL the possessions in the world but their attitude toward life was very poor! 

What’s the difference between living a GREAT life and living a HORRIBLE life? The difference is in the CHOICE, the choice to choose gratitude over anything else.  

Abundance is just a feeling that is achieved through GRATITUDE. If you are reading this article, I can without a doubt say that you have MANY things to be grateful for! 

You can choose everyday, starting now, to live in the abundance of all that you have. Isn’t that beautiful? Not to mention, feeling grateful makes the mind, body and spirit whole… 

When the spirit is filled up, that’s when life becomes purposeful! So start jumping back on the Gratitude bandwagon… it does a WHOLE-lotta good!

P.s.:  Being grateful for what you have is a good way to have more of what you don’t. 

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